Charlotte E. Thompson, M.D.
    Charlotte E. Thompson, M.D.


    Her ability and willingness to explain the complexities of medicine to children and their families is a long-held value. As an example, in the private practice she founded and directed for 12 years in southern California, Dr. Thompson had a classroom added to her office. She met monthly with parents to discuss the many issues that concerned them.

    In addition to the parenting books that reflect her medical training and experiences, Dr. Thompson is also the author of two books for women: Single Solutions and Making Wise Choices. She has written six other books. Dr. Thompson's book, "101 Ways To The Best Medical Care" is a medical guide could save your life or that of a loved one. It gives a wealth of practical information about how to find and keep the best possible medical care for all ages and stages of life. The appendix contains a gold mine of resources.

    Dr. Thompson's most recent book is Grandparenting a Child Special Needs, Jessica Kingsley Publishers. This book provides guidance on how to grandparent a child with special needs and give every grandchild.


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